Samyang AF 35mm F/1.4 Sony FE II

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AF 35mm F/1.4 Sony FE II

The new AF 35mm F1.4 FE II is the second edition of the AF 35mm F1.4 FE, and it is one of the lenses that has been loved by many people since Samyang released its first Autofocus lens in 2016. This wide-angle lens has a natural perspective, an outstanding optical performance even at maximum F1.4 aperture and performs really well even in low light. It´s a prime lens that is optimized for portraits, landscapes, lifestyle as well as shooting videos.

The new 35mm includes Samyang’s key features such as focus hold button, custom switch and Samyangs popular Linear STM that satisfies both photographers and videographers with quieter and more accurate control of the focusing lens groups.

Optical construction consists of 11 elements in 9 groups. 2 HR and 2 ASP (aspherical) elements in the lens delivers a stunning contrast and amazing resolution. Advanced coating technology maintains superb image clarity, even in challenging lighting conditions. Thanks to an advanced optical construction corner-to-corner sharpness is maintained even at maximum aperture, so optical performance is consistent at all exposure settings.

A 9-bladed circular aperture design produces a stunning bokeh and can make subjects stand out in images with deep dimensional impact.

Samyang’s linear Stepping Motor (STM) provides the high-thrust efficiency needed for fast, precise, quiet AF and tracking, and at the same time maximizises the performance of Sony E-Mount cameras. Compared to the previous AF 35mm F1.4 FE, this new AF 35mm F1.4 FE II is optimized for not only photo, but also video shooting by minimizing vibration and noise.

The AF 35mm F1.4 FEII has a new and modern design. It has an aluminium focus ring, which feels great to operate and weather sealing (in 4 areas) ensures use even in harsh weather conditions and protects the lens from light rain, snow and dust.

In addition to a new design, the lens also has Samyang’s popular key features such as focus hold button and a custom switch. By pressing the Focus hold button on the side of the lens will keep locked to a specific focusing distance, the button also lets you assign functions such as Eye AF in settings on the camera.

The custom switch can be set to allow adjustment of the aperture silently by rotating the focusring and by using the Samyang Lens Station (optional), you can set up the mode to suit your own preference.

Key specifications

• Great optical performance
• Minimum focal distance is just 29cm
• New and modern design
• Corner-to-corner sharpness
• Key features such as focus hold button and a custom switch.
• Samyangs linear STM

Další informace

Hmotnost 1,234 kg
Rozměry 18,3 × 13,1 × 13,1 cm
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